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ITFC Importers and Distributors of Fine Foods

ITFC Importers and Distributors of Fine Foods was established over 30 years ago.


ITFC works closely with over 500 stores across Canada, importing specialty beverages and foods from all around the world to meet customer satisfaction. 


Apart from importing products, ITFC has developed a variety of successful brands such as Laima, Uvelka, Nabeghalvi, Elise, Samovar, Aroma products, Baltica, Libava, Adar (Kosher fish products) as well as our private brand ITFC.


With over 30 years of experience, we aim to provide consumers with exceptional products from all around the word, right at home.


Our Products

We have a wide range of products. From Seafood, Beverages, Curred Meats, Pastries and even frozen desserts.


Contact Us

TEL: 416-667-0111

345 Flint Road

North York, ON

M3J 2J2

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